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The perfect space for the management group, up to 14 people. Roof height all the way up to the ridge, lovely atmosphere with timbered walls, an open fireplace and lakeview. During the summer months there is also a furnished space outdoors. The facility is connected to the hotel, which makes it extra comfortable when staying overnight.

A terrific space with a fully glazed wall 20 m from the lake, for larger groups, up to 30 people. Atposphere with a sandstone wall and wood. The room is located right under the restaurant and is comfortably reached through the lounge. During the summer months the lawn outside is furnished, offering a lovely place to sit right by the beach.
Seating by mobile conference tables can be placed as desired, equipped with whiteboard and projector with screen.
There is always free access to pens, blocks, our own fresh water and fruits.

A round facility, right on the beach, with local history (former dance pavilion) for large groups, up to 150 people. Its location by the lake, special shape, light, wooden floor and stage makes it perfect as lecture or meeting room for large conferencing groups.
Unlimited possibilities for furnishing and seatings.
Equipped with whiteboard, projector with screen and speaker system.
It is possible to split the area into smaller sections.
There is always free access to pens, blocks, our own fresh water and fruits.

Group rooms
We also offer smaller group rooms, always equipped as desired.